Schreibe mir ein Geschlechter aus dem Licht einer

Schreibe mir ein Geschlechter aus dem Licht einer jungen Ärzte. Leonie wird gerufen um ein Mann ein Urin Katheter Zu liegen. Er lag auf dem er auf dem Behandlung Tisch. Er hat beide Beine und das Becken in einem riesigen Gips. Leonie hat nie gesehen so im Gipsverband der Mann hat Schmerzen und weint Geduld mach Prozedur. Es war schwierig aufgrund des Gips.

Ojamajo Doremi ep 100: Thank You, Until We Meet Ag

Ojamajo Doremi ep 100: Thank You, Until We Meet Again! (SCRIPT)

PLOT: On the day of graduation, Doremi refuses to attend school, fearing of losing her friends forever.

Agniya woke up late. It was already dark, the quie

Agniya woke up late. It was already dark, the quiet hum of the TV could be heard in her parents’ room. After sleeping, she didn’t feel any more strong – it felt like she hadn’t slept at all, like she had always been awake, but not here.. Not in this reality. But the dream ended, and she didn’t want to fall asleep again, even though her body felt weak. Her parents seemed to be asleep, but she didn’t want to risk leaving the room – the possibility of running into her father didn’t please her. The girl quietly, trying not to creak the floor once again, got up and went to the window to breathe some air and look at the empty street. A sudden creak that came from the next room. The filly, still quietly, but quickly moved to bed. She prayed to herself that she imagined it, that she didn’t hear footsteps. Her prayers were not heard. Slow footsteps approached her room. The door creaked. Footsteps again. A shiver runs through her body and fear creeps into her head. The steps have slowed. A clear feeling that he is standing next to her. And so it is. Eyes closed, hooves tucked in. It is not clear what to do – they will just twitch terribly. Strange, disgusting, sticky sobs are heard. One thought: “When will this end?” Lucky that he did not touch her innocent body, if you can even call it luck. The bastard finishes his criminal act by leaving his daughter’s room. Disgusting. Sticky. If there was at least something in her stomach – the filly would have vomited. Tears mixed with the dirt left by him after the fall. The sweet angel shed tears for his sins, asking God for help, but he seemed to have gone deaf long ago. He did not want to open his eyes, she was still afraid to move even a little from the spot. All that was left was to wait for the morning, trying to somehow fall asleep, suppressing the intrusive thoughts that gnawed at me with a sense of guilt, making me cry more and more and feel endless pain for someone else’s actions, not allowing me to fall asleep and forget.

Description of the dialogue between Agnia and her

Description of the dialogue between Agnia and her imaginary friend, a magical image created by her on the pages of a notebook. Her creation spoke to her in the world of dreams and fantasies.

Since her mother was still here, Agnia had the opp

Since her mother was still here, Agnia had the opportunity to be alone. No one needed her now, and that suited her best, because if her father’s low voice called her by name, nothing good would happen. Here, loneliness was a reward.
Agnia quickly unpacked her things, hiding her friends’ gift behind the closet. She sat down to draw again, but this time everything was not going well. She didn’t like it, and she, upset, put down her pencils and simply looked at her previous drawings, trying to at least immerse herself in the world of fantasy.
“Maybe you’ll give me a name?” – echoed somewhere in her head. It was not an inner voice, not just a thought, it was… Something different, unusual and previously unexperienced. Closing her eyes, Agnia succumbed to an unknown sensation. Again, a familiar image appeared.
“Hey, can you hear me?” — the echo was heard again, and now it was clear to whom it belonged. The filly fell asleep, wanting to talk to her creation — it was better than reality.

Лехе , Лизе, Але и Саше 18 лет

Лехе , Лизе, Але и Саше 18 лет. Они сидели на диване и смотрели Гарри Поттера и Орден Феникса. Во время просмотра они обсуждали фильм. Была сцена встречи Гарри и Сириуса. На экране Сириус и Гарри крепко обнимались. – Посмотрите на Люпина на заднем плане. Он наверное думает что Гарри вообще его не заметил. – сказал Саша. Длинный рассказ.

Лизе, Саше, Але и Лехе 18 лет.

Лизе, Саше, Але и Лехе 18 лет. Они сидели на диване и смотрели Гарри Поттера и Кубок Огня. Во время просмотра фильма они обсуждали фильм. Вдруг Лиза засмеялась и поставила на паузу. – Эй ты чего на паузу поставила! – возмутился Саша. Лиза засмеялась ещё громче. – Как же глупо он выглядит! – воскликнула Лиза указывая на момент где Гарри пытается пригласить Чжоу на бал. – Это точно. – сказала Аля. Лиза снова включила этот момент. – Как она могла ему отказать! – воскликнула Аля. Длинный рассказ.

Description of a stern, but unremarkable at first

Description of a stern, but unremarkable at first glance man with a tired face and drooping eyelids.

Description of a large, dark forest and a bright,

Description of a large, dark forest and a bright, blue sky contrasting with it.







境界:天仙境 (以缠绕全身的封佡锁链稳固自己时刻欲突破的境界)














后续拟拓展人设:麟七,上古麒麟族,身染业障,活用业障为自身杀伐手段“殇”(有机会会成为男主哦)。大劫时自我封印规避了死亡,直到最近才苏醒。 长夏痴:避世的凤族后裔,神通是涅槃火,在大劫时被正好涅槃,故未沾染业障,苏醒于北山,被长夏狂收为女儿。最后是身死化为北山的玄武,身体内孕育了一块奇石,慢慢有了心跳,漫长的沉睡后,诞生了一个新生灵,自名为“殒”。这些人,都是龙凤麒麟大劫之后三族残存的后裔们。。 其他人物:镜湖幻妖的幻术大家,东初漓,也是九州公认的第一美人儿。 东初漓的哥哥,幻术废材但也是剑道天才,后来大名鼎鼎的“天妖剑圣”东初子易。他将自己三魂七魄中的一魄,用不合妖族体质的太古炼器秘法活活炼成剑魄,八荒第一狠人。长夏痴的义父,北山脚下避世巫族的首领之一,风巫长夏狂,外号狂人,与她的义女长夏痴并称为“狂人痴女”。还有另一个首领,长老、智者兼卜巫的雒仁,他的女儿雒樱。 时间段:龙凤麒麟三族大劫后,巫妖之战前期。





另一个首领,是巫族的智者,卜巫雒仁。良书万册(书虫),腹藏良谋(腹黑),极擅占卜推演(专门恶心我),虽战力很弱,但五行八卦无一不精(碰瓷是把好手)。凭借推演衍化,为族人们避开好几次灭族之劫,是族人的指明灯。 PS:括号内是瀛儿对其的评价

长夏狂是有些狂气邪气的,但大是大非上是以族人为重。他外号“狂人”。 龙瀛儿是外来的,她愿意帮助巫人,但巫人的骄傲对这个是有排斥的。。龙瀛儿天仙的修为,不一定打得过狂人这个巫族顶级战力。龙瀛儿刚来曾和狂人爆发激烈冲突,失了先机,衍化之术没来得及施展,隐鳞则在狂人的风暴下完全失效,水法也相形见绌。但狂人杀不死她,只好用风暴将她持续禁锢在半空。最后龙瀛儿服软,因为擅闯石村被罚做苦力。这时候的狂人一直维持着神通挡着北山的寒风,所以战力是只有巅峰时期三分的。后来瀛儿和狂人的女儿长夏痴相处得不错,狂人便默认她和自己女儿一起行动。