Generate a fruity gifted precure styled final grou

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Generate a fruity gifted precure styled final group attack sequence with rainbow colors including strawberry, blueberry, lemon, kiwi, grape and orange (they have final angel forms when they defeat the villian for the final time)

The air crackled with the energy of a thousand storms. The monstrous, purple shadow, its eyes burning with malevolent crimson, loomed over the five Precure. Each girl, transformed into her angelic form, radiated light. Their final attack, a symphony of fruit and rainbow, hung in the balance.

Strawberry, in her shimmering red wings, held aloft a giant, glittering strawberry, its aroma sweet and potent. “For the power of ripeness and courage, Strawberry Light!” she cried, her voice filled with determination. The strawberry pulsed, unleashing a blinding red beam that slammed into the shadow’s chest.

Blueberry, enveloped in ethereal blue, clutched a shimmering blueberry, its surface pulsing with the deep hues of the night sky. “For the wisdom of the deep and the strength of unity, Blueberry Power!” she declared, her voice echoing with strength. The blueberry exploded, releasing a wave of blue energy that engulfed the monster.

Lemon, her angelic form radiating a blinding yellow, held a luminescent lemon, its juice sparkling like stardust. “For the purity of light and the joy of life, Lemon Radiance!” she cried, her voice ringing with hope. The lemon erupted, sending forth a torrent of yellow energy, scorching the shadow’s edges.

Kiwi, her wings a kaleidoscope of green, held a glowing kiwi, its emerald skin shimmering with the power of nature. “For the resilience of growth and the promise of tomorrow, Kiwi Bloom!” she declared, her voice filled with the whisper of the wind. The kiwi unleashed a wave of green energy, cascading down on the shadow like a verdant waterfall.

Grape, cloaked in an aura of purple, held a shimmering grape, its skin winking with the colors of a thousand galaxies. “For the power of knowledge and the wisdom of the universe, Grape Zenith!” she declared, her voice a cosmic hum. The grape exploded, releasing a surge of purple energy that pulsed with the very fabric of the cosmos.

Finally, Orange, her wings alight with fiery orange, held a glowing orange, its peel shimmering like the setting sun. “For the courage of the heart and the passion of life, Orange Flame!” she cried, her voice echoing with the fervor of a thousand suns. The orange ignited, sending forth a wave of blazing orange energy, engulfing the shadow completely.

The six colors intertwined, a magnificent rainbow of energy that pulsed with the very essence of the Precure. The shadow shrieked, its form dissolving into a swirling vortex of darkness. The girls, exhausted but triumphant, watched as the darkness dissipated, revealing a clear, blue sky.

They landed gently, their angelic forms fading, leaving them in their ordinary clothes. As the light of dawn broke, bathing the world in its soft glow, they stood together, five ordinary girls, transformed by their belief in friendship and the power of fruit. They knew, with a certainty that resonated deep within their souls, that no darkness could ever truly conquer them. They were the Precure, and the power of the rainbow, their bond, and their belief in hope, would forever shine.

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