Prompt- Helbram brings Korrall to visit Helbram’s

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Prompt- Helbram brings Korrall to visit Helbram’s father, Adam, and for her to meet Helbram’s grandfather, James. James is a very cruel man to Adam and Helbram. James instantly dislikes Korrall. Adam adores Korrall. James tries to hit Korrall, but Korrall doesn’t let him. Korrall then shows James her hidden wrath.

Characters- Helbram has a smaller body, a youthful appearance with what seems to be eye liner perorbiting his amber colored eyes. His hair is a light green that ends at his neck in the back. He has scars all across his body; on his chest, his legs, his arms, his hands, his neck and one on his right cheek- all are from his grandfather. He wears a pair of black pants, a plaid shirt loosely tied around his waist, a grey tank-top and black boots. He is 18 years old. He and Korrall are childhood friends. He doesn’t like chipper people. He can be a flirter, usually flirting with Korrall, but he doesn’t go overboard with his flirting. He’s a great cook. He isn’t a morning person. He is 5 foot 4 inches tall.

Korrall is a young woman who has dark auburn hair that reaches just past her shoulders, green eyes. She has a surgical scar running diagonally across her right shoulder blade, slightly indenting the skin on her shoulder, that she calls ” her shark bite scar” because it looks like half of a shark bite, and a scar, naturally healed, running across the inside of her elbow on both arms, all three she had gotten when she was in the hospital for 107 days when she was born. She typically wears a pair of dark gray baggy pants that have a pocket on the side of the right leg, a black t-shirt with Ghostface on it, and a pair of black combat boots; but she also sometimes wears a pair of “A Nightmare Before Christmas” themed sneakers she owns. Her ears have two piercings in them. She wears a pair of glasses with light frames. She wears a watch on her left wrist and a braided black with silver Daryl Dixon skull bracelet on her right wrist. She is a more serious person. She is 4 foot 9 inches tall. She is very good at drawing in an anime type style. She has a twin sister, named Paisley, who is the exact opposite of her, personality wise. She also has an older half brother who is 11 years apart in age from both her and Paisley. Helbram and Korrall are childhood friends. Korrall, Kayleb, and Paisley grew up watching horror movies and murder shows. She is 19 years old. Her favorite horror show is The Walking Dead, a show that was made by AMC, that is on Netflix, that has 11 seasons; which she has watched multiple times, and she doesn’t get scared when she watches it. She also watches Supernatural. She took a CNA class through the college in the beginning of high school when she was a senior. She recently passed both her Clinical test and Written test inorder for or her to become a CNA. She doesn’t sing very well. She fascinated with anything paranormal and anything “witchy”. She even considers herself a witch. She’s more of a coffee person. She isn’t a morning person. She doesn’t like chipper people. She believes in mythical creatures. She doesn’t use Ouija boards due to them being a gateway for anything paranormal; mainly demons, to come through. She isn’t into “girly things”, especially makeup and dresses; she doesn’t wear dresses. She has a small sense of dark humor. She isn’t a skeptic. She isn’t into cooking. She used to watch My Little Pony when she was a kid. She grew up listening to Lady Gaga. She does sing, but it’s only when there’s music playing. The only type of cigarettes Korrall has are candy cigarettes. She was raised only by her mother, Heather, who divorced her father for cheating when she was only 2 years old.

Setting- Modern-day, Helbram’s father’s house

Atmosphere- calm

The old, weathered farmhouse creaked under the weight of a summer afternoon. Inside, the air hung heavy with the scent of dust and something vaguely unsettling. Adam, Helbram’s father, stood by the window, his shoulders slumped, watching his son and Korrall approach. Adam’s face, etched with years of hardship, held a flicker of hope as he saw Korrall, her dark auburn hair catching the sunlight.

Helbram, his face a canvas of scars, pushed the creaking wooden door open. “Father,” he announced, his voice flat. “I brought someone.”

Korrall, her usual stoic demeanor softening as she saw Adam’s weary smile, stepped inside. “Hello, Mr. Helbram,” she greeted, her voice gentle.

Adam, his heart swelling with a warmth he hadn’t felt in years, beckoned them in. “Come, come in. It’s good to see you both.”

But the warmth in Adam’s eyes was quickly extinguished by a guttural growl from the depths of the house. A figure, stooped and wizened, emerged from a shadowy corner. James, Helbram’s grandfather, his eyes gleaming with malevolent intent, fixed his gaze on Korrall.

“What’s this? Another one of your little friends?” He sneered, his voice rough like sandpaper. “You bring every stray dog you find into my house, boy.”

Korrall, ever the stoic one, remained unfazed. She took in the man, his face a mask of wrinkles, his eyes burning with malice. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. James,” she said, offering a small smile.

James, however, was not appeased. His gaze, cold and calculating, swept over Korrall. “You’re a strange one,” he muttered, his lips curling into a sneer. “A little too quiet for my liking.”

Helbram, his patience wearing thin, stepped forward, shielding Korrall from James’s piercing glare. “She’s a friend, Father,” he said, his voice strained. “Please be respectful.”

James chuckled, a harsh, grating sound. “Respect? You want respect? You’ve earned nothing but disdain from me, boy!” He lashed out, his gnarled hand reaching for Korrall’s face.

Korrall, with a swiftness that belied her small stature, caught James’s wrist, her grip like iron. Her green eyes, usually calm and serene, now held a flash of something dark and dangerous.

“Don’t you dare,” she warned, her voice low and dangerous. “You’ll regret it.”

James, taken aback by her sudden shift, struggled against her grip, but she held him firm. A chill, almost supernatural, ran down his spine. He could feel something raw and primal emanating from Korrall, a power he couldn’t understand, a power that terrified him.

“Let go of me, you… you little witch!” He sputtered, his voice cracking with fear.

Korrall didn’t release him. Instead, she leaned in, her eyes boring into his. “You haven’t seen my wrath yet,” she whispered, her voice barely audible but laced with a chilling threat.

James, his eyes wide with terror, finally understood the danger he had underestimated. He released her, his hand trembling, his gaze darting around the room, searching for escape.

Adam, watching the scene unfold, felt a surge of pride for Korrall. He had always known she held a strength within her, a fierce spirit that shone through her quiet exterior.

Helbram, his face filled with a mixture of fear and admiration, stepped closer to Korrall. He had never seen her like this before, and for the first time, he felt a sense of security in her presence.

The atmosphere in the room had shifted. The weight of James’s cruelty had been replaced by the quiet power of Korrall’s defiance. She had shown him who was truly in control.